What could be prettier than a pair of laces to enhance your favorite pair of shoes? A priori nothing…

However, before embarking on the purchase of the first pair encountered on the internet or in stores, we will explain how to choose your shoelaces?

First there is the material (cotton, leather, polyester, …) but also the shape (flat, round, …) as well as the color (white, red, black, …).

What type of shoelace to choose?

What material to choose?

There are as many types of shoelaces as there are types of shoes. We are of course talking about shapes but also sizes.

If you’re looking for a pair of laces for your Stan Smith pair of sneakers, chances are you’re going to need flat cotton or polyester laces.

If on the contrary, you want to customize your pair of Adidas Yeezy 350, a pair of round fluorescent laces will give you complete satisfaction.

For your best pair of dress shoes, Moccasins or Derbies, waxed or glazed cotton shoelaces will be just perfect.

We almost forgot the boots… Here the subject deserves to be dug a little deeper, because everything will depend on the type of boots. However, in most cases, pretty strings of leather, silver or gold, will be the ideal solution.

What about color?

Just like the type of shoelaces, the color will have a paramount importance on the style of your pair of sneakers.

Indeed, if you want to look like most people, a white pair should suit you perfectly.

However, if your wish is to not look like anyone on the street, a more flashy color, orange or yellow style, will be your best choice.

What is the ideal length for my shoelaces?

Generally, there is a rule for choosing the length of the laces. You will find all the necessary information in our article dedicated to the choice of the size of the laces. We also give you a few tips so you don’t go wrong in length depending on how you want to wear them.

How to make a shoelace?

Now that you have chosen the type of shoelace, the color and the length, all you have to do is find the perfect knotty.

Each shoe has unique characteristics that allow it to better wear one way of shoelaces than another.

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