Reebok Club C: the sneakers you’ll see everywhere this winter

With the fall and the drop in temperatures, the dressing has a new look. This is the opportunity to take out our most beautiful pairs of sneakers. And why not, to buy new ones.

One particular model is on everyone’s lips and feet: the Reebok Club C.

Reebok Club C 85 Vintage
Reebok Club C 85 Vintage

The Reebok Club C: trendy sneakers

If you are a little connected on social networks, you could not miss the phenomenon. Reebok Club C is everywhere. Influencers and influencers proudly wear this legendary Reebok shoe.

And for good reason, the Club C, like the Stan Smith of Adidas, is THE pair of sneakers that goes with everything, par excellence. With its sleek, streamlined design, it pairs well with cargo pants and a leather jacket, as well as a trendy little dress, or even suit pants.

The iconic Reebok sneakers

Hard to believe, but the Reebok Club C is celebrating its 24th birthday this year. Indeed, this beautiful sneaker was born in 1985. The strength of the Club C is that it has not changed much, but has broadly diversified. Today it is found in a multitude of colors and materials. Purists will choose white or black, possibly with the logo in color. The most daring will go to multicolored models, golden pink or fluorescent yellow.

Reebok Revenge Plus White

The Reebok Club C has yet another advantage: its price. Indeed, the basic models are sold in shops at about 80 dollars. For Club C Revenge and Vintage, it takes about 100 dollars. Online, we find them even cheaper than that.

So that your pair of Club C does not look like any other, do not hesitate to change shoelaces by one of our models. There you will have the pair of shoes that everyone will envy you.

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